How to Photograph
Your Dents

Tips for photographing dents & dings

When taking pictures of your car and the dents, dings, storm damage, etc, the important thing is take a couple of images from various angles. It’s easy to do, and you can use your cell phone.

I’ve found that it’s best to take the pictures in a shaded area, without too much sun glare on the car.

Include pictures from far enough away so I can see the whole car or panel. 

Let me know where the damage is when you fill out the form to send the pictures, for instance, is the damage on the rear bumper, front passenger door panel, hood, etc.

Please also let me know the number of dents and the approximate sizes of the dents.

As indicated in the graphic, usually pictures taken at eye level with the dent and at about a 45-degree angle work the best. But experiment a bit and see from what angle you can get the best view.

Upload Photos and Get a Quote

A red car illustration with hands taking a photo of the dent in the car.